Sell Clothes Online

How to Sell Clothes Online

To be honest, you may not wear all the clothes in your closet. Most people hold onto clothes long after they have stopped wearing them. However, do you know that you can sell these clothes online and make serious cash? Yes, you can. If you feel like you don’t need those clothes anymore, they may interest someone else on the net and buy them. It is so easy to sell clothes online or in a secondhand shop. In this piece, you will get to know about some of the best places to sell clothes online for some serious cash.

  • thredUp

This site is nice because it will do everything for you. What you have to do though is order one of the site’s signature ‘clean our kits’ then you send the clothes you want to be sold. The site then sorts the clothes and decides which ones they will accept after which you will be paid based on the selling price the site assigns for each cloth. This site also may pay after they sell the consignment if it is in a unique nature. thredUp donates unacceptable items to charity; however, if you need them back, then you pay $9.99. While they accept women and children clothes, they prefer certain brands.

  • Poshmark

Poshmark accepts certain high-end clothes or designer clothes. Here you set your price then the site takes 20 percent of the selling price. Poshmark will help you with shipping as they send you a prepaid, or pre-addressed shipping level the moment they sell an item.

  • Snobswap

This is yet another very nice platform for selling clothes online. It sells solely designer clothes such as Fendi and valentine. The site requires one to upload the photos of the clothes and add some descriptions. Snobswap then takes a maximum of 72 hours to approve the listing. This company also owns a chain of boutiques in many cities such as LA, Miami, New York and Washington, DC.

  • Tradesy

Just like Snobswap, Tradesy also requires you to upload the photos of your clothes to this site. Then Tradesy enhances those photos to make them look market ready. You also will be required to set your price, and from the price, the company takes away 14.9 percent when your item is sold. They will also send you the prepaid, pre-addressed kit for shopping.


There are many more stores online where you can sell clothes. We are sure that the above list has given you some heads up on where exactly you can sell them.

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